File Download


    USB JTAG NT setup
    CyUSB Driver
    WinUSB 64bit Driver
    WinUSB 32bit Driver

  USBJTAG NT video
    Video showing remote testing on DCT2224
    Load SB5101 firmware with UJmodem
    Debrick SB5100 With 3.3V method
    Unlock WRTP54G
    Ariza 700 convert to Pansat 2500

  Linux Files
    USBJTAGNT- for Linux 32 bit
    USBJTAG NT for Raspberry PI

  Mac Files
    Framework for Mac

  Android Files
    USBJTAG NT For Android

  Older versions
    Windows 0.76
    Linux 0.71a
    Mac 0.71a


    SPIViewer for DCT700
    Imagetool for SB6120
    BCMImg zip and unzip SB510X VDV21 firmware.
    NvTool Nvrom tool for DCT2224/700/6412
    DISMIPS32 Two pas MIPS 32 disassembler.
    SPILog for DCT2224
    SPICommand for DCT2224
    Dismot68. Two pass Motorola 6833X disassembler

  Firmware Bank
  Cable Modem firmware
    SB6120 Testing firmware
    SBV5120 4Mdump
    SB5102 backup
    SB4100 flash dump
    SB4200 flash dump
    SB5120 Backup

  Dish IRD firmware
    boot.bin for DM500

  Cable box firmware
    DCT2224 ph8tvr7304r
    DCT2224 original 0793
    DCT2224 PH6 type 1 0793
    DCT2224 PH6 type 2 0793
    DCT2224 0793 with SPI
    DCT2500 boot 2.45 (For debrick purpose)
    DCT700 boot 2.52
    Platform3.38 DCT700,DCT2500
    DVI files
    DVI firmware
    Pace501 dump

    AR430W dump
    WRT54G V8.0 dd-wrt dump

    VT2442 with SIP setting
    VT2142 with SIP setting
    VT2542 with SIP setting

Lasted Updated:December 31 2016

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