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File Name: usbjtag.rar 0.30 AS IS (733.9 KB) Download
Author: USB BDM (Uploaded by usbbdm)
Date Added: 10-02-2008
Downloads: 15555
Grade: B-
Read this before download
The software is in AS IS state and no more update as the product is discontinued. Your host file of Windows will be modified to block the clones' site. New NT software does not have this modifications.

Main USB JTAG software and driver. Need USB JTAG hardware to work with MIPS Core EJTAG,EJTAG 64and ST20 DCU. Super fast speed to read,write and program flash.
Work with all Windows OS.
If you need Vista 32 bit driver go here
If you need Vista 64 bit driver go here

If you did not buy from this site or authorized dealer do not use this software. USB JTAG is not freeware and also not based on any freeware.

Two sites have created store on ebay and those who bought there do not download from this site as the software has clone killer and your devices will be killed.

For activation, please use your email to order usbjtag from me and send to
If you buy from dealer, ask dealer send with your email address.
This file is in the moderation queue

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