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USB JTAG, USB JTAG NT, USB BDM and USB BDM NT are copyrighted products solely of has no partnership with any company or person in developing the products.
All the software are copyrighted must only be used on device sold by or its authorized dealer.


USB JTAG NT and USB BDM NT are new products which will finally replace the legacy USB JTAG and USB BDM.

10 comments on “USBJTAG
  1. anagia says:

    i like this place,but i cannot find anymoore the pinout of cable modem and other device

  2. anagia says:

    Nice !! Thankyu!

  3. P1ro says:

    Hi bdm im trying to write a mx25l8005m2c wich is a HP laptop bios, what could be the best way for it? also can i have a custom xml for it?

  4. usbbdm says:

    Find my email in contact. I can take a look via teamviewer.

  5. rey says:

    hola un saludo a todos como hago para comprar el usb jtag para clombia gracias

  6. fix3r says:

    hello i need pinout to using usbjtagNT on Nanostation2

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