DPC2100 Cable modem

Scientific Atlanata Cable Modem
The CPU of the board uses BCM3349. The tool to debug the CPU is EJTAG (DMA).
DPC2100 do not use standard 14 pin EJTAG connector.
The 8 pin JTAG connector does not compatible to EJTAG that normal 10 pin JTAG is used.

Picture showing JTAG connector
JTAG Name JTAG connector of USB JTAG JTAG on DPC2100
TRST Pin 1 Pin 6
TDI Pin 3 Pin 4
TDO Pin 5 Pin 1
TMS Pin 7 Pin 3
TCK Pin 9 Pin 5
GND Pin 2,4,6,8 Pin 7
You need to convert the pins to the JTAG on DPC modem.
Do not make the cable too long since the JTAG clock is very high and the cable should be as short as possible.


Flash One 2MB 28F160C3
Firmware 2MB $9FC00000-$9FDFFFFF
RAM 16MB $80000000-$81000000

To program DPC2100 please visit http://www.usbjtag.com/jtagdevices/sb5100.php
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