Ambit120 Cable modem

Ambit120 surfboard modem.
The CPU of the board uses BCM3345. The tool to debug the CPU is EJTAG (DMA).

Picture showing JTAG connector
The JTAG connector is backwords. you need to solder pin headers on back or use convertor.
Flash One 2MB 29LV160BTC
Firmware 2MB $9FC00000-$9FDFFFFF
RAM 16MB $80000000-$81000000


Definition Commands (USB JTAG NT 0.13):
TAmbit120.xml Backup firmware
getram 9fc00000 200000
save 9fc00000 200000

Program whole firmware. (Should not interrupt)
USB JTAG NT has removed "program" command for SB4100 and SB4200. The programming speed is about 30KB/s for "sprogram" (Intel) and about 13-15KB for AMD chip

ldram 9fc00000
erase 9fc00000 200000

sprogram 9fc00000 200000
cmpram 9fc00000 200000

cmpram is optional. It can be used after program only when DMA is supported.After that you should see DEBUG ON. You should see "Compair data OK"

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