FTA ARIZA700 receiver

FTA ARIZA2500 satellite receiver.
The CPU of the board is STi5518. The tool to debug the JTAG DCU.

Picture showing JTAG connector
JTAG Name JTAG connector of USB JTAG JTAG on ARIZA 700
You need to open the box like in the picture
TRST Pin 1 Pin 19
TDI Pin 3 Pin 13
TDO Pin 5 Pin 15
TMS Pin 7 Pin 9
TCK Pin 9 Pin 11
GND Pin 2 Pin 2

If you fix a dead ARIZA 700 you must connect BtSrc1 to the ground. Pin 115 of STi5518.

You need to convert the pins to the JTAG on IRD receiver. Do not make the cable too long since the JTAG clock is very high and the cable should be as short as possible.


Definition Commands (usbjtag NT):

Backup firmware
(type this command just after you apply power, this avoid you solder Btsrc pin. After detect you must see "TRAP ON" on lower right and see proper flash type. If the flash type is ffff,ffff you need to
1. Unplug USB cable.
2. Power off ARIZA 700.
3. Power on ARIZA 700
4. Connect USB to PC
detect again untill you not get ffff,ffff in the flash.
getram firm(backup firmware)
save firm

Program flash
ldram firm
erase firm
sprogram firm
(ST20 core does not have program command support now. You must erase and then sprogram).

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