Debrick SB5100 modem

Use this method at your own risk. Read carefully befor eyou start the process

When normal debrick method described in does not work,
You need to use debrick method described in this page using USBJTAG NT (0.08 and up)

This modem is programmed with haxowware. When detect this is the result.
IDCODE 0334817F
Broadcom BCM3348
IMPCODE 00800908
DMA supoorted
Unknown flash type!
Report these two value to 0000,0000
It cannot debrick with any method. To debrick this you need to solder a thin wire.

One end solder to a 3.3V end. Leave some sharp end on the other end.
This shows where the other end wire needs to touch. Second pin on the right.

Steps to debrick the modem.
Step1:Connect, USBJTAG NT.
Carefully touch the other end of wire on CE pin. (You might need some one help you to do so).
Power on the modem.
Start the USBJTAG NT.
Step 2. type command "detect" Or press F1
Step 3. Type commands.
tap c
tap a ffffffff
(You shoud now see the DEBUG ON) on right bottom). If not check and start over again.
Step 4. Remove the pin from CE.Type command.
(Try several times until you see the flash detected.You shoud now see the flah detected. The debug should keep on)
Step 5. Normal method of debrick by erase the flash and sprogram the boot.
erase 9fc00000 200000
ldram boot (good firmware)
sprogram 9fc00000 200000
(If you think this is too slow, use method 2 to program the modem.)
Step 6. desolder the wire and your modem is back to life.


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