DSR401/405 receiver

StarChoice DSR401/405 satellite receiver.
The CPU of the board is MC68331. The tool to debug is USB BDM NT.

Picture showing the board with USB BDM NT connected
Definition Commands (usbjtag NT):

Backup firmware
reset 1
getram 0 200000
save 0 200000
Backup nvram
getram nvram
save nvram
Restore nvram
ldram nvram
setram nvram

Example here programs whole flash, you can chose your area to program.

Program flash(Slow mode)
reset 1
ldram boot
flshdct 0
erase 0 200000
sprogram 0 200000

Program flash(Fast mode use 0.07)
reset 1
ldram boot
flshdct 0
r a7 ffb10000
program 0 200000

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