ECU411 Car Engine


Front of PCB
BDM connection
Back of PCB
12 V power
WPP pin
100 ohm resistor pull up

BDM connector of USB BDMNT NT BDM connector of u_link NT ECU411
Pin 1 None DS
Pin 2 Pin 4(Purple) BERR
Pin 3 Pin 2(White) GND
Pin 4 Pin 6(Green) DSCLK
Pin 6 Pin 3(Gray) FREEZE
Pin 7 Pin 5(Blue) RESET
Pin 8 Pin 10(Brown) DSI
Pin 10 Pin 8(Orange) DSO
Connect WPP to 12V with 100ohm resitor. Make sure WPP is > 11.4V when power on

Definition Commands
Definition File: TECU411.xml
Flash File: flash.xml
Enter BDM Mode
reset 1 (Should see BDM ON fastet this)
Init (You can click Icon ID to execute "Reset 1" and "Init")
Backup firmware
getram code
Program whole firmware.
flshdct 0 (Should tell you the type of flash. If not modify the flash.xml.
ldram code
erase code
sprogram code
cmpram code

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