SB5101U Cable modem

This modem does not have a JTAG port, but we can access its flash via SPI.Use USB JTAG NT's new feature of SPI can do online programming the flash.

Short the pins as in the picture allow you program the flash chip. Remove it when finish programming.
The modem will not boot if ISP pins are connected.
Five pins need to connect to the SPI flash chip

JTAG connector of USB JTAG NT SPI U202
Pin 3(TDI) Pin 5(SI)
Pin 5(TDO) Pin 2(SO)
Pin 9(TCK) Pin 6(SCK)
Pin 11(RESET) Pin 1 (CS)
Pin 2(GND) Pin 4(GND)
ISP Short pin as indicated in the picture.

Definition is the same as SB5102.
For programming, use UJmodem and it is similar to SB5102

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