SBG6580 Cable modem

Motorola SBG6580
This modem DOCSIS 3.0 modem and has BCM3380 CPU. It employs 16M SPI flash.Use USB JTAG NT's can program the flash ISP.

The back of the PCB board. The ISP pin is in red.
The ISP pin uses pin 4 of USB JTAG NT. When USB JTAG NT is unplugged it works as regular modem>

JTAG connector of USB JTAG NT Pin on the flash
Pin 4(GND) ISP in on the back of the board.(R362)
Pin 3(TDI) Pin 15(SI)
Pin 5(TDO) Pin 8(SO)
Pin 9(TCK) Pin 16(SCK)
Pin 11(RESET) Pin 7 (CS)
Pin 2(GND) Pin 10(GND)

Use 0.40 and up which can auto detect the large SPI flash so no need to updating flash.xml/
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