Airlink AR430W

Airlink AR430W.This router has JTAG port but uses SPI flash.
This router use 14 pin EJTAG port. But non standard EJTAG layout. Please do not use USB JTAG NT's 14 pin cable or you might burn the NT or the router. You need to use a jumper cable to connect them properly
The CPU of the board uses Atheros 2318. The tool to debug the CPU is EJTAG (DMA). 0.40c needed to program SPI flash

Connection picture

Note the difference of JTAG connection. DO NOT USE THE 14 PIN CABLE DIRECTLY!!
Picture showing JTAG connected
Flash 4MB M25P32V6
Firmware 4MB $9FC00000-$9FFFFFFF
Debrick init script.ar430init.usp
When the router is bricked use this script (copy to script directory and execute command ar430init).
You can then use normal program command.
Put dd-wrt on AR430W within 10 minutes
Use configurationTAR430Wdd.rar
Download bootscript.rar
Download ap61.rom and linux.bin off dd-wrt site.
Load ap61.rom to redboot, load linux.bin to firmware. "f ddnvram ff", load "boootscript"
Issue command "program 9fc00000 3f0000".
Remove the JTAG and power on the router, after two reset cycle (You will see red light turn on two times) and now your router becomes a dd-wrt router/

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