SB5102 Cable modem

Motorola SB5102 surfboard
This modem does not have a JTAG port, but we can access its flash via SPI.Use USB JTAG NT's new feature of SPI can do online programming the flash.

Picture showing USB JTAG NTis connected. Upright J303 is the connector.
Detail of the connector.

JTAG connector of USB JTAG NT SPI connector of J303
Pin 1(TRST) Pin 9(ISP enable)
Pin 3(TDI) Pin 10(SI)
Pin 5(TDO) Pin 8(SO)
Pin 9(TCK) Pin 6(SCK)
Pin 11(RESET) Pin 4 (CS)
Pin 2(GND) Pin 2(GND)

Definition Commands (usbjtag NT 0.07 and up):

Backup firmware
getram flasht
save flash

Program flash
flshdct flash
ldram flash
erase flash
sprogram flash

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