u-Link NT

u-Link NT
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HW Release dateJan 2020
Chip selected.STM32F103. 72MHz ARM Cotex-M3
TCK clockAdjustable 18MHz, 9MHz 4.5MHz, 2.24MHz wider range of target support for slower target
(ARM920T and ARM946),DCU3 (Sti5517),ppc (DM500),ST40,CPLD (Jam player),Atmega, 93CXX EEPROM, JTAG pin finder.
Connector10 pin 0.1pitch jumper cable.
SPI read speed900KB/s
SPI write speed230-260KB/s(8 seconds to program MX25FL0165A)
SW developerwww.usbjtag.com
Target CPU supportMIPS32, DMA, non-DMA
MIPS64 non-DMA, ST20.SPI serial flash,I2CEEPROM. Conexant CPU,ARM9,DCU3,ST40,MPC8XX,MC6833X
Future support CPU, MIPS64 DMA,ARM7
CLI Software versionCLI interface, Latest version is 1.27.
GUI Software versionUJModem 1.03 lot easier than CLI and still support command line.
Software downloadhttps://www.usbjtag.com/filedownload/index.php
State of the softwareActive development. New features will be added. New hardware will be supported.
ConfigurationXML config files. Better organized for huge target and flash type support.
Script supportSupported.
Board TestedCable Modems:All MIPS based (Broadcom) modems include SB5100,SB5101,SB5102(SPI),RCA315,RCA325,SB4200,SB4100,SBV5120,SBG900,SB6120(SPI),SB6121,SB6141,SGB6580,DCP3000,CG3100D,etc.
Cable boxes:DCT2500,DCT700,DCT6412,DP501
Routers:WRT54G family. WRT350N.WRT400,M20,MN700,EA2700,WGR614v9(0.36).AR430W (SPI over JTAG),Meraki MR18.
VOIP: RTP300,WRTP54G,VT2142,VT2442,VT2542.D-link VWR-VD.WGR615V.VT1000(5),DVG-1120
Satellite receivers: MIPS based, IRD301-010.ST20 based FTA boxes,IRD2700,IRD301.013,Pansat etc.
Conexant CPU: Viewsat, Sonicview, CNX Nano2, Nano Premium
PPC: DM500
DCU3:Sti5505 (XV3300)
EEPROM, 24LC00-24LC1024.
ST40:Sonicview 8000HD(Sti7100). IPTV(Sti5202), STi5202 NAND
XBOX360Nand programming.
ECU:E38 (MPC561).
OS SupportWindows, Linux, MacOS
User manual User manual of NT
Youtube videoshttps://www.youtube.com/user/usbbdm/videos

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