DLink VWR Router/Voip

Dlink VWR Wireless Router with 2 Phone Ports.
The CPU of the board uses TNETV10552. The tool to debug the CPU is EJTAG (NonDMA).

Picture showing the box
Picture showing the board

Flash 8MB 28F640
Firmware 8MB $90000000-$907FFFFF


Definition Commands (usbjtag NT 0.17 and up,CYT.dll 0.03):

Backup firmware
getram 90000000 800000
save 9fc00000 800000
Program the firmware
ldram boot (file backed up) program 90000000 800000

Use 0.03 and up can unlock the this device's password so the VOIP setting is possible. Refer to VT2x42 unlock.
Lasted Updated:December 31 2016

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