Linksys WRT54G0 Router/Voip

Linksys RTP Broadband Wireless Router with 2 Phone Ports.
The CPU of the board uses TNETV10552. The tool to debug the CPU is EJTAG (NonDMA).

Picture showing the board
Picture showing the JTAG

Flash 8MB 28F640
Firmware 8MB $90000000-$907FFFFF


Definition Commands (usbjtag NT 0.17 and up,CYT.dll 0.02):

Backup firmware
getram 90000000 800000
save 9fc00000 800000
Program the firmware
ldram boot (file backed up) program 90000000 800000

Step by Step unlock the locked WRT54G into full NA versoion
This is for testing purpose and you need to check your agreement with your service provider
Download the latest firmware at
Video show how to unlock with scriptVideo
Step Description and command:
1 Check your current status under voice with default password
2Connect JTAG and read the whole flash
getram 90000000 800000
3Save backup
save 90000000 800000
4Modify the password, and empty the keys. Load the wrtp54gunlock.usp into your script directory
Modify the address. In boot find ADMIN_PWD keyword.
Empty the two keys.
In order to allow the router accept Linksys firmware modify the ProductID
5 Execute the script. wrtp54gunlock
Follow the prompt. Wait until finsh program then press enter to start next programming.
6 Check your unlocked router.

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