Linksys WRT54GV2 router

Linksys WRT54GV2 Router.
This router use 12 pin EJTAG port. For USBJTAG NT, connect the first 12 pins.
The CPU of the board uses BCM4712. The tool to debug the CPU is EJTAG (DMA).

Picture showing the board

Flash 4MB 28F320C3
Firmware 4MB $9FC00000-$9FFFFFFF


Definition Commands (usbjtag NT 0.08 and up):

Backup firmware
getram cfe
getram kernel
getram nvram
getram cfe
save 9fc00000 400000
(Note, I recommend you do cmpram after getram. eg.
getram cfe
cmpram cfe
This is because the watchdog might cause the getram to get the wrong data).

Drbrick the device. (Must use 0.08 and up. This is used when detect give you 0xffff,0xffff or 0x0000,0x0000 as flash type
tap c
tap a ffffffff
(You should now see "DEBUG ON" on the lower right coner).
detect (You should now see the flash type. If not start over again.
ldram cfe
erase cfe
sprogram cfe
(I found slow program works better than the normal program on this modem. Possible because of the watchdog). erase kernel
sprogram kernel
erase nvram

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