New jtagnt software-ground up

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New jtagnt software-ground up

Post by Boxnut » Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:23 am

Hi people, I am new to the forum and been trying to use your device and software for some time.
I go back to 1986 with JTAG so not like I don't know it well.
Currently, only with some pre canned devices (xml's) does this work and only for the newer devices.
Chip ID never worked on anything and reads of addresses restricted to what the software is set for.
I try to read ram,,all zero, no data. I try to read cpu init segments, nothing, Never got eeprom data from anything.
The GUI is not bad, just doesn't seem to follow the manual well.
I tried to make my own XML for a satellite IRD, it seems to do something but so vague from the read function I can't trust it.
Now I go way back with these older IRDs and a simple JTAG and software that worked with everything and did all.
My thought are an interface where YOU control in flight, the data start and size addressing for read write save and load file.
Another big aid as it is now would be a detailed manual explaining the creation,structure, and syntax of these XMLs so non supported devices can be added and posted on the forums.
JTAG itself is not complicated, even an IEEE standard, but things like protocols and addresses are not included.
New spinoffs like microwire ans SPI that JTAGNT seems capable
Got data sheets for CPUs, flash roms, eeproms, comming up with a working XML should be simple.
Any thoughts ??

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Re: New jtagnt software-ground up

Post by usbbdm » Wed Feb 12, 2020 11:10 am

Please go online and we can chat.

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