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Include DCT cable boxes and Starchoice boxes.

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Wolfgang wrote:The real problem here is how to discuss those things in public without been scrutinized (and perhaps shot down) That is why you don't see many posts online about that other "super tool" which is I am sure more about the tricks and codes than the hardware itself. Even with the simplest and cheapest serial connection that requires only a $2.00 worth RS232 converter and a free software (Teraterm), miracles can be done in the right hands with the right knowledge (codes).
This site has openly shot down discussion about advanced programming of cable boxes and modems, hence the interest for the JTAG-NT tool has drastically decreased. What has happened to so many deleted posts that initiated discussion about the cable cards cracking? The secrets are kept within the inner circle and no surprise there, "think out of the box" is all the help you can get. I was always wondering what the hell are the guys trying to accomplish with all those flash backups of cars, routers, modems and what not? I guess they are just trying to justify the money they have spent on the tool they have just bought. Not much more than that. It's too late for any advanced programming, not at least on this forum for sure.

There's alot of truth in that post wolfgang. At the end of the day, this hobby is an arms race which makes it both interesting and frustrating at the same time. Hopefully our good admin gets some more traction in sniffing the keys... right now I'm seeing key changes happen every few months but nothing is stopping the caco from turning up the frequency
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themloglegs wrote:yeah yeah let me expalin i had the box for 6 months and now its only local channels and says not authorzied cannels. does any else in the chicago area getting this happening?
Yep they made a key change here bout a month or 2 ago I believe it was when i noticed it....I'm in burbs of Chitown. Summer I'm always outside in garage..hardly watch TV that's why I can't nail time frame to exact date. I have high packaged sub account anyway ..but yes its blank screen on most all your ext basic package and some others even after reprogram with nvram and allflash off my sub box... it didn't change a thing
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No, and it won't. However, a blank screen with Xfinity is usually representative of being Disconnected rather than Non-Authorized with new Keys. Go into the Diagnostics Menu (Power, then the Select button) go into the first Tab and see if you're E00 or E01. Hopefully, you're E01 and, if so, Reconnect your unit and hope that it'll stick. Many times, with Xfinity, if you Reconnect, it'll eventually wipe out your current Keys and, in 14 days or so, reduce you to where you are currently. However, if you're not with Xfinity, you might have a fighting chance.
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