Looking for SPI command Logs (From anywhere)

XC chip, auth and block SPI command.
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Looking for SPI command Logs (From anywhere)

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I've been reading recently about SPI logging and playback, especially relating to the box numbers and XC chip.

I know that the exact relation is unknown. However...being a fan of problem solving and having taken a couple courses in discrete math, and seeing as my friend is writing his thesis on encruption and seeding...I'd be interested to see some examples of SPI commands and the corosponding box details (serial, model ect).

Okay...I probably won't be able to crack it, but just the same...it's worth a shot. If nothing else, I'd be interested. Anyone willing to share???
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you can figure out by looking at BEFORE AND AFTHER from same box..... updating and changing channels.....because that way you can analize what change .....this way uid info should be same....then look at another box and see that part that was same in the other box will be diferent but channel info will be same. it can be done but take a lot of trial and error/

i belive the uide can only be programmed by removing the capacitor and sending spi command then put capacitor back.

i dont have an account and i cant test spi.

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