u-Link NT


u-Link NT is the new product after USB JTAG NT. It provides eight programmable IO pins. It also provide a 3.3v power to help on board chip programming.. u-Link NT and USBJTAG NT are copyrighted www.usbjtag.com. You are buying from the developer and manufacture of the products.

u-Link NT support all the feature that USB JTAG NT supports New features of u-Link NT
  • More clock selection.Max clock 18MHz
  • More flexible because each pins can be programmed.
  • Atmega,93CXX EEPROM, JTAG pin finder
  • Micro OS allows to switching target without reprogram the firmware.
  • Unified u-Link NT, USBJTAG NT and USBBDM NT software
Tested hardware:
Cable boxes: DCT2524, DCT700,DVI3000,DCT 6412 III
Cable modem:SB5100,SB5101 SB5120 SB4200, SB4100,SGB900,SB5102(SPI).RCA 315,RCA325.DPC2100
Dish receivers:DP301-010.IRD2700, DP301-013,Pansat
Router (VOIP):WRT54G,RTP300,VT2442
Check www.usbjtag.com for new devices not listed here.

Download USB JTAG NT software
User manual
You are highly recommended to download the software and run first to check if it is compatible with your OS.

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